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Barbara Walters Slams National Enquirer: “You Printed Something Totally Untrue”

It’s rare that we actually wish a tabloid story were true as much as we do this item in the National Enquirer about Barbara Walters and actor Frank Langella having a secret, torrid romance. Unfortunately, Walters doesn’t feel quite the same way, and had Enquirer‘s Executive Editor Barry Levine (last seen getting daps from Bill O’Reilly for the paper’s coverage of the John Edwards story) on The View today to give him a proper dressing down, as only Walters can.

As funny/ridiculous as this story is, it does bring up the issue: Should a paper that doesn’t even bother to call its subjects to get a quote be nominated for a Pulitzer? When we see Whoopi‘s reaction of “Well, no one called me…how did I get involved in this?” it makes the whole Edwards expose seem more like a fluke in a long history of sensationalism than a sign the Enquirer is becoming a legitimate source of journalism.

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