Barney Frank Slams Kathy Griffin For Calling Scott Brown’s Daughters “Prostitutes”

Sen. Scott Brown isn’t the only Massachusetts politician speaking out against comedian Kathy Griffin for calling his daughters “prostitutes” on her Bravo show.

Now longtime Democratic Congressman Rep. Barney Frank is defending Brown and calling out Griffin for her “terrible comment.”

In an official letter to Griffin, Frank chastised the comedian for the remark. “I think it’s possible to have fun, and even to poke fun at people in my businesses, without this kind of completely unfair attack,” wrote Frank.

Frank is also featured in the show, which was part of the reason he felt “compelled to comment”:

Since you did include me in that show I wanted to make it very clear that I thought what you did was wholly unfair and inappropriate. It’s the kind of thing that makes it less likely that I or others can cooperate with you in the future.

This bipartisan denouncement doesn’t signal anything more than agreement about a stupid comment, but it is interesting that it was Frank specifically who spoke out. The Boston Globe reports Griffin waded into potentially offensive territory during the episode with Frank as well, saying of the Congressman, “He doesn’t know when ‘American Idol’ is on? He doesn’t care about Liza Minnelli? How is this guy even gay?” (via Newsbusters).

Here’s the letter:
07 16 10 Kathy Griffin Letter

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