Baseball Player Finds His Truck’s Windshield Shattered by His Own Home Run Ball

14079980_10154432105329509_584305783797188553_nBrandon Thomas has bounced around the minor leagues since 2013. He’s currently playing for the Gateway Grizzlies, an independent minor league team in Illinois. And on Sunday, he did something special, something that only happens a few times in any player’s career, if they’re lucky.

Thomas got a hold of a pitch in the second inning of Sunday’s game and smashed it over the left field wall for a grand slam.

According to available statistics, Thomas had never hit a grand slam as a professional ballplayer. So one can only imagine how elated he was as he rounded the bases.

That was, until he found out where the ball went.

Yes, that’s the windshield of Thomas’s own truck. Turns out, his homer landed there, and shattered the windshield completely.

Thomas took it in stride.

“Definitely worth it!!” He wrote on Twitter.

Here’s hoping he’s got a bonus in his contract for hitting the grand slam to offset the damage.

[image via Facebook – Gateway Grizzlies Baseball]

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