Baylor University Ends Ban on ‘Homosexual Acts’

shutterstock_114560707Bad news if you, like me, had “Baylor will shutter its doors before countenancing sodomy” in the office pool: the Baptist University quietly reversed its ban on “homosexual acts” Tuesday, a largely symbolic but nonetheless important marker of gay rights progress.

Per the Houston Chronicle, the Waco campus officially updated its sexual conduct policy to no longer prohibit gay sex. “These changes were made because we didn’t believe the language reflected Baylor’s caring community,” a Baylor spokesperson said.

As the Texas Tribune pointed out, the revision “won’t go down as a landmark achievement for gay rights. The new wording is vague, and it probably didn’t grant gay students any new freedom.”

But some hope it will be followed by a greater inclusion of LGBT students, who otherwise feel ostracized on the campus.

According to the Tribune, the change was finalized before the Supreme Court’s ruling two weeks ago legalizing gay marriage, which has induced a seismic reaction among Christian conservatives. The rule change came after years of mounting pressure from students. In the past, Baylor has been slow to update its policies, only allowing dancing in the mid-90s.

[h/t Houston Chronicle]

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