BBC Journalist Jeremy Bowen Shot In Pro-Morsi Demonstration, Is Back Tweeting In Minutes

Jeremy Bowen, BBC’s Middle East editor, was shot in the head and leg during a demonstration in Cairo on Friday. Bowen sustained minor injuries but said the wounds were “superficial.”

The shooting occurred during a pro-Morsi demonstration, in which the recently-deposed President’s supporters attempted to storm the barracks where Morsi is believed to be held under house arrest. The Muslim Brotherhood-backed Mohammed Morsi was elected last year in Egypt’s first democratic elections following the ousting of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak, but quickly lost public support via numerous autocratic maneuvers. He was removed from power by the Egyptian army earlier this week.

Bowen was injured when Egyptian troops began firing pellet guns on the protesters. Pellets grazed his head and ear, after which colleagues pulled him from the fray and bandaged him. Democracy Now correspondent Sharif Kouddous tweeted a picture:

After the incident, Bowen tweeted that he was doing much better, and has kept up a steady stream of news ever since:

Watch Bowen’s video of the aftermath here:

[h/t Huffington Post]

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