Beck Bashes Gates: If You Thought Everything Was So Bad, Why Didn’t You Just Resign?

The new memoir by Robert Gates, full of insider details about the Obama administration, has been picked up and touted by opponents of the president, but Glenn Beck isn’t impressed. As far as he’s concerned, if Gates really cared about all this supposedly shocking stuff he witnessed, then he should have done the principled thing and resigned instead of waiting for more than a year after he departed the administration to finally write all the salacious details in a book.

Beck and his co-hosts agreed the book said nothing much that was really new. Beck called Gates “really despicable” because if he really wanted to do something, he should have tendered his resignation from the White House and then worked to “try to repair and try to correct the injustice and the problem that they found.”

Instead, however, Beck said Gates just wants to make money off his book sales instead of going to Congress or pursuing some other avenue of exposing these details.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gates, I just don’t have time to purchase or read your book. But thanks for the tip that we can’t trust this administration. That comes as a total surprise.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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