Beck Battles, Mocks Caller Saying He’s ‘Paranoid’ About NSA, Gov’t Being in Bed with Google

A caller to Glenn Beck‘s radio show Tuesday accused Beck of being “paranoid” about surveillance and, beyond that, being a fake libertarian because he wants the government to interfere with the private sector when it comes to companies like Google intruding so much in people’s private lives. The only problem? Beck does not believe that, and rather thoroughly mocked the caller for misrepresenting his positions.

They went back and forth over Beck’s supposed paranoia over issues like the NSA and surveillance by companies like Google, with Beck declaring that he’s paranoid “because I understand the coming singularity.” He found it shocking that his supposedly libertarian caller isn’t “concerned at all about their getting into bed with the government.”

Beck and his co-hosts, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere, grew steadily more annoyed yet amused every time the caller insisted Beck favors government intervention to break up Google. Beck repeated, rather emphatically, “We need to break them apart from the United States government!”

The caller responded, “We’ll agree to disagree.” All three of them burst out laughing and mercilessly mocked him for a bit, before Beck getting back to the main point about Google, pointing to the “special regulations and special deals” that many companies get, and “Google’s getting them now because people fear Google.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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