Beck Equates #BlackLivesMatter Movement to a ‘Terrorist Attack’

beck“I’m going to say something controversial here,” Beck prefaced, before launching into his argument.

“What is the point of terrorism?” Beck asked, noting it’s to get people “to be so afraid that you change your behavior and you do as they want you to do.”

“So while they haven’t used guns, they are using intimidation and threats of violence and shouting you down, blackballing you.” he continued. “Whatever it takes.”

Beck told his audience the #BlackLivesMatter protesters “are terrorizing you,” evoking an incident at Dartmouth University Monday where activists stormed the library, disrupting several students studying. Some reports from the protest indicate members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement were violent with their peers.

“What do you think that is when one of the girls — who supported #BlackLivesMatter at Dartmouth —  she was in the library, and she was studying,” Beck began. “And they pulled her out of her seat and said, ‘you fucking white Bitch'”

“She started crying,” Beck said. “Why? Because she was filled with terror.” Beck said fear is “the first step of terrorism,” insisting we “need to start calling it that.”

“I think we need to start being very, very clear,” Beck said.

Watch the video above, via The Blaze.

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