Beck: Liberals Have Psychological Addiction to Getting Their Ideas Validated

beck-1As he continued to defend Facebook against conservative complaints today, Glenn Beck ended up going on a tear against liberals who want their ideas validated.

Beck said that platforms like Facebook “will always tend toward left-leaning ideas and themes getting more attention,” and there’s a big reason why:

“This is the psychology of the left. People on the left need to be heard, need to be validated. In order to feel whole, they have to be. They are psychologically addicted to having their ideas validated by others because reality doesn’t validate their ideas! Because reality shows them that they are wrong, they must have others validate their ideas!”

He said that doesn’t happen on the right because conservative ideas are reflected in the real world.

Beck also said that liberals enjoy the “consequence-free opportunity” to “shame others” and “incite fear” on Facebook.

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

[image via screengrab]

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