Beck: Militarization of the Police Force Is Coming, And No One ‘Seems to Care’

Glenn Beck went off Thursday on the rise of the military-industrial complex in American police forces, worrying about how domestic security forces in the U.S. are getting military equipment “directly from the Pentagon.” Beck was spurred on by the story of a firefighter who was detained by a patrol officer at the scene of a rollover accident on the highway because he parked somewhere the California Highway Patrol said he shouldn’t have parked.

Beck noted that ordinarily, “the press and the left would be all up in arms about this, but they don’t seem to care.” A caller who works in law enforcement told Beck that while most cops are good, decent people, there’s a faction that “doesn’t respect personal property rights.”

Another caller revealed that a friend who attended an FBI seminar was informed, “You either choose the side of the constitutional nuts, or our side.” Beck tied this in to issues like the NSA to say that it’s all about the progressive game to “collect all kinds of data on us.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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