Beck Mocks Trump’s Inclusion at CPAC: He ‘Needs to Be Ejected’

Glenn Beck isn’t a big fan of how Republican establishment types have made such a big presence at CPAC this year, and contrary to what a lot of other people thought, Beck was not impressed that Mitch McConnell took the stage with a gun in hand, calling it a “stupid, stupid entrance.” Beck lamented how right now it looks like “CPAC is not for conservatives, it’s the GOP.”

In particular, Beck zoned in on Donald Trump, whose presence amused him more than anything. He simply couldn’t figure out why in God’s name Trump spoke at the conservative conference to begin with, raising his hand as he said, “everybody who says Donald Trump needs to be ejected… aye!” He admitted he has no problem with Trump personally, but he needs to “just stay away from politics.”

Beck and his co-hosts reminded listeners that Trump once proposed a “wealth tax,” which struck them as just hypocritical.

“When Donald Trump says, ‘Ah, gotta have a wealth tax on the bank accounts,’ do you think Donald Trump is keeping all his wealth in bank accounts? No! He’s got it in trust funds and everything else, so his family is set!”

Beck also mocked the not-so-sincere minority outreach the GOP is attempting on the pretense it will help them with minority voters.

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

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