Beck on Black Friday Brawls: We’re Doing the Work for ‘Those Who Want to Destroy’ Us

beck black fridayIf you’ve seen any of the videos of Black Friday brawls, your reaction has most likely been an appalled one.

Well, Glenn Beck took things a step further today, saying on Facebook that perhaps the reason terrorists haven’t attacked the U.S. on Black Friday yet is because, he asked, “Why target something that is already destroying the culture?”

He said all of those brawls should make everyone “ashamed to be an American.” “Tell me we are a culture that isn’t destroying itself,” Beck said. “Tell me we are a country worthy of Gods [sic] protection.”

He even went so far as to declare, “Tell me that when the world does melt down and we go into a Great Depression that we don’t tear each other apart? We are doing the work for those who want to destroy the American Experiment.”

[image via screengrab]

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