Beck on Obama’s Terror Priorities: ‘Whose Side Is He Really Trying to Protect? Us or Them?’

beckGlenn Beck got so frustrated today about President Obama‘s terrorism strategy that he just straight-up asked if the president is more interested in protecting the other side.

Beck posted a Facebook message saying that yes, despite Obama’s mockery, Americans should be concerned about widows and orphans due to potential ties to Islamic radicals. He said, “In the Middle East women play a huge role in the radicalization of men.”

He made the same points on his radio show today when he said “we kind of are afraid of widows and orphans if they’re Islamists.” Beck is worried about how refugees currently have “very little… meaningful screening” and the San Bernardino attackers were screened.

And Beck asked a very provocative question in both forums after bringing up how Obama is “bringing more [refugees] in, excusing their killing, ignoring our border at best and refusing to bomb Isis strong holds.”

He asked, “Who’s [sic] side is he really trying to protect? Us or them?”

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

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