Beck Warns: ‘Corrupt’ Children in Congress ‘Undermining the Republic’ with Filibuster Change

Before the Senate took a major step to change the filibuster rules on Thursday, Glenn Beck warned of the consequences of such a move on his radio show, saying that this is flat-out wrong no matter which side attempts to “undermine the republic” like this.

After calling out President Obama for hypocrisy on the matter, he warned about the corruptness spreading its way through the Senate, even on the Republican side. Beck recalled how he used to get a lot of heat at Fox News for basically saying Republicans are horrible too, insisting, “They’re not full-fledged Marxists, but they’re taking you down exactly the same road at a different pace.”

Beck didn’t even bother hiding his contempt for the people in Congress attempting to make a change to the filibuster rules.

“Your republic is being undermined by people who are supposedly, at least, decent people. ‘We might disagree, but they’re at least decent people.’ No they’re not.”

He called members of Congress “corrupt” and “deceitful,” not to mention “the biggest children in our lives” who deserve to be treated just as any parent would treat a child.

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[photo via screengrab]

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