Belgian-Owned Budweiser Is Rooting for the U.S….Or So It Tweeted

Budweiser wants USMNT to go big or go home in its elimination game against Belgium:

One problem, as Matt Yglesias and a wide swath of Twitter pointed out: since 2008 Bud has been owned by AB InBev, a Belgian company. (Actually InBev is a merger of a Belgian distributor and Brazilian brewer, so the company really has the trifecta of countries involved in today’s match.) AB InBev, for the record, has not tweeted a peep about today’s game.

Attempts by corporate accounts to siphon some soccer energy are fraught with peril, as we all learned from KLM Airlines this weekend. Neither did McDonalds exactly endear itself to the wage-earning multitudes with the following tweet last week:

Waffle House, meanwhile, has gone full troll.

Rumors that Mediaite’s fridge is well-stocked with Budweiser thanks to a brief burst of World Cup-born patriotism last Thursday went unconfirmed at press time.

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