Ben Carson: Harriet Tubman Would Be ‘Turning Over in Her Grave’ If She Knew She Was on $20

carsonFormer Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson wrote an op-ed Tuesday reiterating his belief that Harriet Tubman should not be on $20 bill, arguing it was not a fitting tribute to her legacy.

Carson claimed in an op-ed for IJ Review that he had been “misconstrued” when first stating his opposition. “Harriet Tubman, one of America’s truest and most revered freedom fighters, deserves a far more fitting tribute than to be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency by placing her on the twenty dollar bill,” he argued. “The effort to rush this through under the current Obama administration is nothing short of national disgrace…”

The famed neurosurgeon argued that if Tubman were put on a bill, she’d become the face of “debt slavery” similar to the slavery she fought in life. “At the current level, the national debt is almost $20 trillion, a cost of over $60,000 dollars for every citizen in this country… At today’s average income of roughly $50,000, it would take that child more than three years of slave labor to repay the debt they are born with,” Carson argued.

“Harriet Tubman would likely be turning over in her grave if she knew she would be the new face of American debt slavery…” he concluded. “Let us not disgrace Harriet Tubman by symbolically linking her with a nearly bankrupt instrument of slavery and debt.”

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