Ben Carson Temporarily Stops Campaign Events to Do Book Tour


ben carsonBen Carson will be putting a temporary hold on campaign events while he goes on his book tour.

If you’ve seen Carson on TV within the past week, you may have noticed at least one mention of his new book A More Perfect Union. Carson writes about the Constitution and how Americans can reclaim their Constitutional liberties.

But as spokesman Doug Watt told ABC News, Carson is taking the break from campaign events because of concerns over “co-mingling” campaign resources and Carson’s book tour.

He says “it’s just better to avoid any bad appearance” and so Carson’s campaign staff will not come with him on the two weeks he’s spending on his book tour.

That being said, Watt doesn’t think it’ll be a problem for the campaign that much, since he’ll still be out there talking about the issues.

This move didn’t go unnoticed today, and actually got criticism and snark from some corners:

National Review‘s Jim Geraghty even wrote a piece saying this is “not normal,” asking, “Why on earth would any serious candidate for president decide to stop campaigning at a moment like this for some book-signings and readings?”

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