Ben & Jerry’s Founder Just Keeps Smiling Through Bernie Sanders’ Orlando Shooting Statement

Different people react to tragedy in different ways, to be sure, and Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen is no exception. Independent Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a press conference at his Burlington, Vermont home on Sunday to talk about the status of his campaign, but he led off the presser with a brief statement about the mass shooting in Orlando. In his statement, Sanders called for the destruction of ISIS and vowed to prevent anything like this from happening again, but some on Twitter are focusing on the reactions of the supporters standing behind Bernie during his statement.

They’re mostly Bernie-haters trying to villainize his wife and supporters, who were smiling and laughing as Bernie began to speak, but sobered right up once his statement was underway. Not so Ben Cohen, though, who kept on smiling through the whole thing:

Sure, it’s weird, but it doesn’t make Bernie and his crew The Devil.

Sanders has also been taking heat from critics, left and right, for using the term “automatic weapons,” which technically refers to continuous-fire weapons like machine guns, which are already effectively banned. However, according to the NRA, Bernie’s use of the term is acceptable, and “confuses only the novice.”

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