Ben Shapiro Claims ‘No Major Republican Figure’ Ever Questioned Obama’s Legitimacy as President…

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro claimed Monday not to know a single major Republican figure who said President Barack Obama was not the legitimate president of the US, somehow disregarding the most famous birther of them all — President Donald Trump.

While discussing Democrats’ call for Trump’s impeachment, Shapiro said that Republicans did impeach President Bill Clinton but “they never made a move to impeach Barack Obama, despite the myriad scandals that cropped up under his administration,” as first reported by Media MattersJason Campbell:

He said that though no prominent Republicans had questioned Obama’s legitimacy as president, Democrats had tried to claim that President George Bush and Trump were illegitimate.

“So this is just not true!” Shapiro said about Democrats’ questioning of Trump’s legitimacy. “And doubts about Barack Obama’s belief system came from Barack Obama being an extraordinarily radical figure. Barack Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform the country. That’s a pretty radical statement.”

Trump for years publicly claimed that Obama was not born in the United States, until 2016 when he finally conceded that Obama had in fact been born inside the country.

Rep. Mark Meadows in 2012 told a convention of Tea Partiers that he was going to “send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is.”

Several other Republican lawmakers floated the idea of impeachment, for reasons stemming from Libya, to Benghazi, to the debt ceiling, to transgender bathroom laws.

Shapiro is responding to criticism by arguing Trump was a minor player during “nearly the entirety” of Obama’s administration.


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