Bernie Mocks Ridiculous Political Forecasting: ‘Are You Gonna Run For President in 2086?’

As always happens as soon as one election ends, the focus (unnecessarily) immediately shifts to the next one. And so here we are, barely a month-and-a-half removed from the 2016 election and already the questions are swirling: who will challenge Donald Trump in 2020?

There’s talk of Elizabeth Warren. And Joe Biden. And Kamala Harris. And Cory Booker. And Martin O’Malley. And Chris Murphy. And hell, even Michelle Obama too, because why not?

But this, argues Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is a silly distraction from the issues that people are being faced with now.

The former Democratic candidate for president spoke with Seth Meyers as a guest of NBC’s Late Night and called out the media for its line of questions. “That’s what the media love,” said Sanders, whose quest for the White House was stymied by, among other things, the Democratic party apparatus that actively worked against him. “‘Are you gonna run for President in 2086?'” he asked mockingly to laughs from the crowd.

“Let’s talk about that! We’ll do a poll,” he continued.

“Rather than say: what are the real problem? Why is the middle class disappearing?” said Sanders.

Watch above via NBC.

[image via screengrab]

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