Bernie Sanders Whiffs Badly on Another Big Foreign Policy Issue


Foreign policy and specifics continued to plague independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders during his interview on Sunday morning’s State of the Union. Host Dana Bash asked Sanders to comment on a controversial bill that would allow Saudi Arabia to face liability for the 9/11 attacks in American courts, which has in turn elicited threats of a massive sell-off of American assets by the Saudi government. The bill is currently in the Senate, where Sanders works, but like so many of the questions he was asked in that recent NY Daily News editorial board meeting, Sanders didn’t have enough information to respond:

Bash: How do you intend to vote, as a senator?

Sanders: Well, I need more information before I can give you that decision….You’re asking me to give you a decision about a situation and a piece of legislation that I am not familiar with at this point, and I gotta have more information on that. You gotta get some information before you can render a sensible decision.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sanders was given another crack at attacking Hillary Clinton over campaign contributions when Bash asked him to name a decision Hillary had made that was influenced by money, and Sanders fed Bash the exact line that CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny gave him Thursday night, although Sanders coyly refused to chalk it up definitively to campaign cash:

Sanders was also asked about his position on liability for gun manufacturers, and explained that his new position is not really his new position, it’s just that he contradicted himself when he was asked about it before?

This is the immunity shield law that Bernie voted for, and here is the repeal bill that he signed on to as a co-sponsor on January 28, after Hillary Clinton made this a campaign issue.

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