Bill Bennett: ‘If The Bad Guys Are Coming Over the Wall, Who Do You Want Defending You?’ CNN or the Marines?


And to think we weren’t going to find any #hottakes on this Fourth of July…

Appearing on Fox & Friends, conservative pundit Bill Bennett brought a scorching take on this holiday morning as he jumped right in on the CNN bashing going on over at Fox News.

Bennett referenced a Tweet from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in which she called the press “guardians to our democracy.” The conservative pundit then took the Minority Leader’s comments in a direction that she likely didn’t intend.

“Free press is an important part of our democracy,” Bennett said. “But if the bad guys are coming over the wall, who you do you want defending you: The staff at CNN or the United States Marine Corps?”

Bennett also praised President Donald Trump for his aggression against the media — for treating them as the enemy rather than a potential ally.

“I love this President and his aggressiveness about this,” Bennett said. “Some of the tweets, yeah, could be rephrased and reframed. But you know, I watched several presidents bow to the media, try to ingratiate themselves to the media. It doesn’t work.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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