Bill Clinton Tells a Trump Supporter to ‘Follow Him Like Moses to the Promised Land’

During a campaign event on his wife’s behalf yesterday in Florida, former President Bill Clinton faced an unexpected interruption from a Donald Trump supporter who snuck inside.

Taking off his overshirt to reveal a pro-Trump top and sign, the heckler shouted to president 42 about how he “took his money,” before Trump entered the 2016 race. This most likely refers to how Trump was formerly a major donor to the Clinton Foundation, where ABC noted that his last donation in 2014 was between $100,000 and $250,000.

“I certainly did,” Clinton replied, shrugging things off. “I took his money for my foundation, where I used it better than he’s using it now, I’ll guarantee you.”

After that, Clinton went on to reference Trump’s history of liberal positions and playing nice with both sides of the aisle, and how it only changed a short time ago.

“I remember when he called me to say how terrible the Republicans had been to Hillary and me and how unfair they were and what a brilliant job Hillary did as a senator. A lot of them called me about that, which is why they spent the last three years trying to tear her down, because they know if they nominate her they are going to have to eat the words they said.”

As Secret Service escorted the man out, Clinton gave a parting shot by saying that if Trump succeeds with his border wall and mass deportation plans, “you should follow him like Moses into the Promised Land.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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