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Bill Cosby Wrote About Scorn for Sexual Consent Rules at Colleges

cosbyBill Cosby has had yet another bad week for his rape scandal, having been summoned by the Los Angeles Supreme Court for a mandatory deposition on one of the cases against him.

Numerous damning pieces have emerged from Cosby’s past recently, the newest one being about passages from his book about rules for college hook-ups.

The Huffington Post reported on Friday about a passage from Congratulations! Now What? where Cosby mocked “affirmative consent” rules. Many of his statements deal with how one of the best things students can look forward to at graduation is that they no longer have to worry about the “campus sex police” breathing down their necks.

Cosby blasted affirmative consent (the idea that only “yes” means “yes”) as an unrealistic way for men to get permission to make moves. One passage reads that campus authorities are always “ready to charge you with sexual harassment if you put your hand on any woman besides one who had asked you for help in crossing the street.”

One chapter of the book was called “No More Pre-Caressing Agreements,” where Cosby wrote about a bizarre hypothetical scenario where a man is told “I’ll pretend you didn’t say that without permission” by a girl who’s looks he complimented. The rest of the chapter explores the couple’s absurd back-and-forth as Cosby seemed to make a comment about how couples could engage each other “correctly”.

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