Bill Kristol: Scott Walker Is in ‘Spring Training’ on Foreign Policy

In a Politico report on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s foreign policy education, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol called the governor “in spring training” on the subject.

Walker broke away from the GOP 2016 scrum two months ago but quickly alarmed GOP donors and establishment leaders when he sounded like a novice on foreign policy. Walker claimed his successful battle against public sector unions had given him the grit to stand up to ISIS, and that Ronald Reagan’s breaking of the Air Traffic Controller’s Union was the most significant foreign policy decision of his lifetime. Even President Barack Obama took a swing at him, telling Walker to “bone up” on his foreign policy.

Which Walker has been doing, surrounding himself with Republican foreign policy experts and cramming. Is there another way to put that?

“In spring training — especially when a player is learning a new position — you want to see basic talent, hard work and real improvement,” Kristol told Politico. “In Scott Walker’s case, so far we’ve seen all three.”

If you’re having deja vu, that because this isn’t the first time Kristol has defended a foreign policy novice suddenly thrust onto the national stage.

[h/t Politico]

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