Bill Maher: Hillary and Bill ‘Got Used to Being Able to Fool Rubes’ in Arkansas

Screen-Shot-2016-05-27-at-11.15.56-PMWhile talking about the Clintons’ inability to handle scandal with grace tonight on Real Time, Bill Maher suggested that their problems have less to do with the scandals themselves and more to do with the circumstances surrounding their first foray into government.

“I think what the problem is is that these two cut their teeth in Arkansas and they got used to being able to fool rubes — excuse me, Arkansas — easily, and it doesn’t work that way in D.C.!”

Melissa Harris-Perry backed him up by agreeing that Hillary Clinton looks untrustworthy in part due to her failure to handle scandals well and in part because Donald Trump is adept at finding ways to highlight her perceived untrustworthiness to his followers. She called it “confirmation bias.”

As someone from North Dakota, I feel compelled to share my sympathy with the people of Arkansas. I know what it’s like to hear your state’s name on TV and get excited only to realize you are being made fun of. Chin up, rubes, guys. Chin up.

[image via screengrab]

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