Bill Maher Knows Why We’re Supporting Clinton and Trump: ‘It’s a Hate-F*ck Election’

Screen-Shot-2016-04-22-at-10.40.23-PM-650x427During Friday night’s Real Time, host Bill Maher led his panel into the conversation of trying to figure out exactly what can explain the unlikely support for a candidate like Donald Trump.

The panel, comprised of author Charles Cooke, CBS’s Leslie Stahl, and CNN’s Van Jones, all gave their takes about the Trump phenomenon. But when Maher made the link between the GOP frontrunner’s unfavorables in the polls and those of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, he knew he had figured out the universal appeal of both candidates.

Stahl posed a question to the panel about why the state of American politics in 2016 is such where genuinely liking a candidate has nothing to do with that person’s chances of winning an election.

“Because it’s a hate-fuck election,” the host┬ájoked as an explanation as to why Americans are so drawn to the two party frontrunners despite issues of truth and likability.

“If you’re not liked as a leader, it becomes very, very difficult to govern,” Stahl noted.

Watch the above video from Real Time with Bill Maher.
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