Bill Maher: Liberals Need to Understand We’ll Never Defeat Terrorism Unless We Reform Islam

Bill Maher brought Sam Harris onto his show tonight to criticize liberals for not doing more to speak out against Islamic extremism.

They both agreed President Trump‘s travel ban was stupid and counterproductive, but Maher also said in talking about combating extremism, “We’re trying to find ways to disempower Donald Trump and the left is often not helping.”

At one point Maher pointed to the burqa and said that while he’s not in favor of banning them, liberals need to “stop saying that’s normal, that’s not normal.” If anything, he argued, the left should be outraged by a belief system that is blaming the women for the mens’ horniness.”

He also said that liberals need to stop arguing that “every culture is equally bad,” which led to Harris saying there aren’t Scientologists and Mormons trying to kill people who insult their faiths.

Maher said the proper liberal response here needs to be understanding that we’ll never defeat terrorism unless the Islamic faith is reformed.

Watch above, via HBO.

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