Bill Maher Thinks a Trump Presidency Will Rid Us of PC Culture and Islam Apologists

imageedit_177_8367421656Even Bill Maher can find one good thing about a Donald Trump presidency (though to be fair, he’s found many more things he thinks are very, very bad).

He revealed on Real Time tonight that the good thing is that PC and Islam apologists are going to have to change their ways.

The “Liberal RedneckTrae Crowder appeared on Maher’s show to point out that the election of Trump could be viewed as a backlash against liberal elites who choose not to understand what people in the middle of the country are feeling.

Maher agreed wholeheartedly, saying the Democratic Party lost the “white working man.” He continued railing against the way he sees liberalism invalidating the feelings of white men, asking, “What should I do? Cut my dick off and check my privilege?”

He said liberals are “outrageous with [their] political correct bullshit” and insistence on being kind to Muslims in the wake of Islamic terrorist attacks.

Ana Marie Cox fought back, asking if he was really suggesting that American politics doesn’t cater enough to white men. Crowder shot at her, “You’re right but do you want to be right or do you want to fucking win?”

Watch above.

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