Bill Maher’s Latest New Rule Asks ‘Can We Please Fall in Love With Knowledge Again?’

During last night’s ‘New Rules’ segment of Real Time with Bill Maher — following an absolutely insane panel discussion — host Bill Maher took aim at Americans general distrust of scientists and the mainstream news media. In his opinion, the American public largely embraces ignorance, pointing out that “we don’t seem to want smart people in our lives anymore.”

“Smart presidents? Can’t have that,” Maher snarked. “Scientists? What do they know? Newspaper editors? Liars! Fake news!”

Observing that people used tho get their news from newspapers, the Real Time host explained that nowadays folks get their news from Facebook sharing, “or as it used to be called, hearsay.”

“Instead of all the news that’s fit to print, you click on a link from your cousin Jody who runs the Tilt-a-Whirl,” he stated.

After commenting on the rash of fake news that was spread on social media during the election, noting that this is how we ended up with “President Bannon and his dummy Donnie,” Maher lamented over how we used to respect scientists but don’t anymore.

“This Valentine’s Day, can we please fall in love with knowledge again?” Maher pleaded.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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