Bill Moyers Warns of Mad Dash, ‘Drift Toward Oligarchy’ in the U.S.

Bill Moyers took on income inequality on Moyers & Company Friday, citing statistics on the income gap and studies on the subject to warn that the United States is drifting closer and closer to an oligarchic state where a small group of wealthy people wield massive control over the political system. He blamed an “obliging Congress of both parties” for allowing this to happen, and mocked John Roberts for taking what some would view as politicians doing favors for fundraisers as “gratitude” for donors.

Moyers mockingly noted how it seems like more than gratitude when politicians work to directly impact the finances of the people who give them money at the expense of the middle class.

Moyers declared that “inequality is what has turned Washington into a protection racket for the one percent,” and warned that the claims the U.S. makes to being a democracy are “seriously threatened.”

He concluded that “the drift toward oligarchy that Thomas Pinckeney described in his formidable book has become a mad dash, and it will overrun us and overwhelm us unless we stop it.”

Watch the video below, via Moyers & Company:

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