Billboard Asks Jeff Bezos If He’s Going To Run For President And…

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Donald Trump may believe that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is using his paper, the Washington Post, to consolidate “political power,” but Bezos himself isn’t so sure that politics are going to play a role in his future. At the very least, he doesn’t see himself going the way of the former Apprentice host.

When asked by Billboard recently if he plans to run for president, Bezos said, “Oh, no. I don’t think so.”

Bezos is number 12 on Billboard‘s 2017 Power 100 list alongside Steve Boom. He also said this when asked if he has any political aspirations in general:

No. I love my life. I love being an inventor. I love Blue Origin, my space company. I love The Washington Post. They are very good, but the Internet transition was difficult for them — so I’ve been able to help them on that. But basically… I have a very full life. And I really like it.

Never forget that Trump told Oprah he probably wasn’t going to ever run for president back in 1988.

[image: Christopher Patey / Billboard]

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