Blame Canada: Trump Slams U.S. Neighbor (Again), This Time Over Dairy Farming

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It’s hard to keep up with which country Donald Trump is currently insulting, but today it’s Canada.

Here is a tweet this morning from the president.

Trump has actually been lambasting our neighbor to the north over what he sees as the country’s negative effects on American dairy farming for a few days now. The broadsides are relatively surprising given how friendly Trump was with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On the other hands, he insulted Germany and China numerous times, then later played nice with their heads of state, too.

There was apparently a North American theme this morning, as Trump also tweeted about the border wall he has insisted will be built between the United States and Mexico under his presidency. Trump reiterated again that it would happen, though his promises that Mexico will pay for it have become increasingly vague over time, perhaps because Mexico is flatly refusing.

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