Blight Song: Clinton’s Staff Hates Her ‘Fight Song’ So Much, You Guys


If you follow any political reporters on Twitter, you’ve probably seen their complaints about Hillary Clinton‘s theme song, “Fight Song.”

There are the stages of grief:

There is the confusion about which pop star sings the thing:

Finally, there is the all-consuming hatred:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.01.42 AM

Today, it’s really blowing up on Twitter, but that’s not just because reporters are tired of it. No, a new report came out over at Yahoo News that said even the staffers hate it. Behold:

And anti-“Fight Song” tweets have been favorited by members of Clinton’s team — a gesture that could be seen as a silent, social-media scream from a campaign that has cracked down on leaks. Some staffers declined to even anonymously give an assessment of the song for fear of being disciplined. One Clinton aide admitted to initially disliking the song, but the person suggested the star-studded video of it played at the Democratic National Convention improved their opinion of it.

In fairness, some people do like it, apparently…

…likely, as uncovered by Yahoo News, because of the celebrities who banded together to cover it for the DNC.

One staffer spoke to them anonymously and put it like this:

“Fight Song” is an anthem. “Fight Song” is a way of fucking life. It un-ironically brings me joy.

Can a song give a person Stockholm Syndrome, do you think?

[image via Gage Skidmore]

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