Bloomberg on Brexit: ‘Stupidest Thing Any Country Has Ever Done’ — Until Trump

At a recent HUBweek conference in Boston, billionaire mogul and former three-term New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg shared some comments about Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump.

As reported by The Guardian, Bloomberg is on video stating his opinion that the vote for Brexit “was the single stupidest thing that any country has ever done” until the United States “Trump’d it.”  Heh.

Bloomberg followed that up by saying that it was “really hard for him to understand why for a country that was doing so well wanted to ruin it.” Battling back immigration myths that helped fuel the fervor that propelled the vote, Bloomberg argued that most immigrants to the UK “came from Poland” and that the UK “did not have an immigration problem” because they “have the English Channel, which gives them control of their borders.”

Concluding the clip, Bloomberg noted that “We love England. It was the father of our country, I suppose. But what they are doing is not good and there is no easy way to get out of it.”

Overall, the clip serves as a strong rebuke to the UK’s isolationist move and the figures surrounding it — including former London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Watch above, via The Guardian.

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