Trump’s Pro-Nancy Pelosi Tweet Baffles Twitter: ‘Genuine or Nah?’


The Twitterverse doesn’t really know what to make of President Trump‘s magnanimous (?) new tweet saying Nancy Pelosi “deserves” to be House Speaker.

Since the midterm election results show that Democrats will take back control of the House of Representatives, a possibility exists that the House Minority Leader will soon be able to regain her position as Speaker. As such, Trump took time to acknowledge this outcome in one of his Wednesday morning tweets:

Now, it’s highly unlikely that Congressional Republicans would ever vote to support Pelosi, especially after all the recent campaign rallies Trump did where he helped conservatives stoke fear about her regaining power. As such, there were a lot of mixed reactions to Trump’s tweet.

Some people seemed to think Trump is being serious here:

Others thought Trump was being a sarcastic troll:

And some people just didn’t know what to think:

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