Bob Woodward Sounds Off on Trump’s ‘Governing Crisis’: Mattis Departure ‘A Tragedy For the Country’


Bob Woodward believes that the government shutdown, coupled with the departure of one of the administration’s more moderating influences, means that it may be time to panic.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Wednesday, the legendary journalist teed off on President Donald Trump‘s White House over the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“It’s a governing crisis,” Woodward said. “You have the exit of Mattis, which is a tragedy for the country. A tragedy for President Trump. Mattis was able to thread the needle, and try to make his points, and — quite frankly — educate President Trump on some of these issues. And the departure of him is something that I think is going down in the history books.”

Woodward referenced some reporting from his book Fear — which detailed an alliance between Mattis and former economic adviser Gary Cohn. The two, according to Woodward, made a pact to keep “really bad things” from happening.

“They are both gone now,” Woodward said. “And so we better face the reality, this is a dangerous time. This is not just another government shutdown, or another example of this impasse. It is something people better think about.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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