Boehner: Senate Dems Need to ‘Get Off Their Ass’

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said a very naughty word this morning while referring to his budget battle over funding of the Department of Homeland Security.

While speaking at his weekly press briefing, Boehner called on the Senate Democrats to approve the funding, and he said it pretty bluntly. “Now in the gift shop out here they’ve got these little booklets on how a bill becomes a law,” he told reporters. “The House has done it’s job. Why don’t you go ask the Senate democrats when they are going to get off their ass and do something — other than to vote no?”

There is a pun in there about the Democrats as donkeys, but no one took it up. But there was plenty of social media anger, because OMG he said the word “ass”:

Watch below via Speaker Boehner’s office (actual press conference starts at 14:30):

[Image via screenshot]

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