Bowe Bergdahl: Taliban Captors Asked Me How Troops Get Prostitutes, Whether Obama’s Gay

bergdahl2The current season of the popular podcast Serial is tackling the Bowe Bergdahl case, and in the newest episode this week, Bergdahl shared some of what his Talbian captors did to him and asked him.

Bergdahl has been charged with desertion and could potentially face a life sentence in prison. This week’s episode focuses on Bergdahl’s first year in captivity and his attempts to escape

In an interview with Mark Boal for the podcast, Bergdahl said he had been chained to a bed by his captors and laid “spread-eagle on the bed and blindfolded” for months.

He recalled a lot of strange questions they asked, like how soldiers get their prostitutes, what kind of alcohol do they drink, and how good are the cameras on drones.

But perhaps the most bizarre of all, he recalled, was “Is Obama gay and sleeps with men?”

Bergdahl said that answering the questions was a mostly no-win situation because “if you show hesitation… they think they’re onto something” but if you answer right away “they get extremely suspicious.”

He shared other odd little details about his captors, including how “they shaved my face in a way that would most amuse them” and how much they love Mountain Dew. “If you want to piss those people off in that country,” he said, “all you have to do is cut off their sugar supply.”

You can listen to the episode, titled “Escaping,” here.

[h/t NYPost]

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