REPORT: Trump Will Not Pursue Clinton Investigations; She’s ‘Been Through Enough’

trumpclinton811-e1470947773422-1Morning Joe is reporting today that president-elect Donald Trump will not be pursuing any criminal investigations into his former political rival Hillary Clinton.

The report, first announced by Mika Brzezinski, comes just a week after a 60 Minutes interview where Trump indicated that he may not launch a full investigation into the Democratic nominee. “I’m gonna think about it,” he said at the time to Leslie Stahl. “I don’t wanna hurt them. They’re good people,” he continued of the Clintons.

Tuesday’s report from Brzezinski said that Trump feels as if Clinton has “been through enough.”

Brzezinski noted that Trump will refrain from seeking further action against Clinton for her use of a private email server, as well as any investigation into the controversial Clinton Foundation. The report comes from a source familiar with Trump’s plans, according to the MSNBC morning show.

On the stage for the second┬ádebate between Clinton and Trump last month, Trump famously quipped “‘Cuz you’d be in jail,” when the former remarked that it was “awfully good,” that someone with Trump’s temperament would not be in charge of our nation’s laws.

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