NBC Reports U.S. Military Action in Syria Could Happen in ‘Next Several Hours’

On Thursday, there was much discussion about Donald Trump indicating he wants to take military action in Syria. This evening, NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel said that “something is seriously under consideration,” and contends that he’s spoken with senior U.S. officials who say action could be made imminently. Trump, he says, is currently weighing several options.  Engel continued:

 This could develop very quickly — perhaps even in the next several hours — and that the President is leaning toward a more limited option, not a massive military campaign that would change the regime, not toppling Bashar al-Assad, not a U.S. ground invasion. More like limited military strikes, particularly the strikes against the chemical weapons capability. More of a measured response.

This comes one day after Trump said that the recent gas attack in Syria “crossed a lot of lines” for him.

Watch above.

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