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French Officials: Paris Attacks Ringleader Abaaoud Confirmed Dead

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.40.08 AMMoments ago the French prosecutors office announced that after a day of DNA testing from a raid in Saint-Denis that left two dead and a handful arrested, the suspected leader of Friday’s deadly attacks Abdelhamid Abaaoud has been killed.

Although early reports indicated that he may have escaped, Thursday’s developments confirm that French police forces got their target after the seven hour standoff.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Peter Spiegel took to Twitter moments after the announcement with the following information:

Moments after the breaking news, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough reported that Abaaoud’s body may have been so riddled with bullet holes that fingerprint data was needed to confirm the ISIS member’s death.

Watch the above report from MSNBC’s Keir Simmons in the ground in Paris, France. We will update as information becomes available.

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