White House Backtracks, Will Not Seek Revocation of Jim Acosta’s Credential (UPDATE)


Shortly after the White House sent a letter to Jim Acosta informing the CNN correspondent of their plans to once again revoke his access, the Trump administration is reversing course.

According to John Roberts of Fox News and Jonathan Karl of ABC News, the White House plans to abandon its efforts to pull Acosta’s credential.

MSNBC has also confirmed the reports.

Karl does note, in his report, that the White House “reserves the right to revoke Acosta’s pass if he violates White House decorum in the future” — giving them the opening to change their mind once again.

The likelihood that the White House would have been successful in barring Acosta, had they proceeded with their efforts, was slim at best. A Federal judge had already given Acosta a favorable ruling in the case — granting him a temporary restraining order and decreeing that his credentials be returned for 14 days. But the judge did give the White House latitude to continue to argue the case. For the moment, it appears they will not do so.

Watch above, via Fox News.

UPDATE 3:45 p.m. ET — In response to the White House backing off, CNN is dropping its lawsuit against the White House.

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