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Breitbart Editor Accuses NPR of Having ‘Racist Programming’ in Contentious Interview

breitbart_logoDuring an interview with National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep Wednesday morning, Breitbart editor-at-large Joel Pollak accused NPR of being The Real Racists.

Inskeep was asking Pollak about former Breitbart top editor Steve Bannon and the controversy over his handling of some Breitbart stories. “Why did he make Breitbart the platform for the alt-right?” asked Inskeep.

Pollak pushed back against that assertion. “The only ‘alt-right’ content we have is a single article out of tens of thousands of articles, which is a journalistic article about the alt-right… That’s not racist, that’s journalism.”

When Inskeep continued to press Pollak on an article which defended the Confederacy as “a patriotic and idealistic cause” having nothing to do with slavery, the Breitbart editor threw the accusation of racism back at him: “NPR is taxpayer-funded and has an entire section of its programming, a regular feature called CodeSwitch, which from my perspective is a racist program. I’m looking here at the latest article– which aired on NPR– calling the election results ‘nostalgia for a whiter America.’”

“So NPR has racial and racist programming that I am required to pay for as a taxpayer,” he said. “So, you know, you can read Breitbart, you can read something else– I don’t think that’s racist, to talk about the history of the Confederate flag.”

Watch above, via NPR.

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