Breitbart Editors Reportedly Tell Staff To End Criticism of Jared Kushner


A Monday article from Business Insider claimed that senior editors at Breitbart have told their writers to “refrain from writing stories critical of Jared Kushner.”

Business Insider cited two anonymous sources for their reporting. A spokesman for Breitbart denied that these claims were true, and underlined that it was “an absurd suggestion that Breitbart would muzzle critical coverage of any senior White House official.”

Business Insider pointed out a weekend report from The New York Times on the alleged White House feud between Kushner and Steve Bannon. The Times asserted that Kushner’s “allies…raised the issue with the president of the increasingly unflattering coverage that Mr. Kushner is receiving from Breitbart News, the right-wing website that Mr. Bannon used to run.”

Business Insider then noted that after this infighting became public, “Breitbart conspicuously refrained from leveling criticism against Kushner, choosing to lay off Trump’s son-in-law.” This contrasted with previous posts by the website, which were critical of Kushner, as documented in the article.

On Wednesday night, for instance, Breitbart published three stories critical of Kushner and promoted them heavily on its homepage. The next day, Axios reported that Bannon had told associates, “I love a gunfight.”

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