comScore Breitbart: 'Liberal Media' Are 'Lynching' Ben Carson

Breitbart: ‘Liberal Media’ Are ‘Lynching’ Ben Carson

Breitbart lynchingAccording to Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson, the liberal media is “lynching” Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson for the crime of being a black conservative.

“We are all witnessing an elaborate liberal media lynching of Dr. Ben Carson,” Hudson writes. “The former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon turned leading black Republican presidential candidate is just the latest “uppity negro” (Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain) to defy the expectations of his white liberal mainstream media masters…”

Hudson writes that Carson “has chosen not to be a mindless minstrel puppet, tap dancing, performing, like a good boy, for his white liberal media gatekeepers, he is being whipped, strung up, and left to hang.” [Emphasis on original]

Caron’s “lynching,” according to Hudson, “serves as a warning to blacks, Hispanics, women, and any other member of the Liberal Victimhood Class System that should you ever decide to leave The Liberal Thought Plantation, we’ll sic the dogs on you!” [Emphasis on original]

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