Breitbart Releases the Voicemails of Cruz’s Campaign Saying Carson Dropped Out

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.46.33 AMIt’s been a whirlwind week for Ted Cruz. He won the Iowa Caucus and was then promptly accused of cheating his way to the top. His campaign appeared to put out emails and phone calls claiming that rival Ben Carson was no longer in the campaign and that all Carson caucusers should vote for him, instead, which they denied. Glenn Beck defended this behavior. He apologized to Carson. Of course, Donald Trump weighed in, demanding a new caucus and threatening litigation. Yesterday, it got even worse, because Breitbart released the voicemails that Cruz’s camp was leaving at caucus precincts.

They’re not good.

In one, a campaigner said they were calling “from the Ted Cruz campaign,” and “calling to get to a precinct captain, and it has just been announced that Ben Carson is taking a leave of absence from the campaign trail, so it is very important that you tell any Ben Carson voters that for tonight, uh, that they not waste a vote on Ben Carson, and vote for Ted Cruz.”

Another called it “breaking news” that Carson was “suspending” his campaign.

Carson believes, as Trump does, that the results of the caucus did not accurately reflect what the voters would have done had some not been given this misinformation. He accepted Cruz’s apology but complained that “no attempts were made to verify the truth” and “no actions have been taken to correct the problem.”

[image via screengrab]

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