Andrew Breitbart Reaches Level Of Infamy Worthy Of Dictionary Entry

Has Andrew Breitbart achieved immortality? Probably not (is it even possible to achieve immortality in this day and age?). But he has apparently reached a level of infamy worthy of its own verb: “Breitbarting.”

The Boston Globe reports that “Breitbarting” can now be defined as “intentionally taking a statement out of context for political ends.” So, like its predecessor “swift boating” one supposes we can expect to hear it put to use a lot in the coming months leading up to the midterms.

According to the Globe, Breitbart managed to beat out Shirley Sherrod (“Sherroding”) as the ultimate definer of underhanded behavior (in political circles anyway).

It’s interesting that Breitbart was chosen for eponymization rather than Sherrod. Part of it must be due to Breitbart’s reputed history of giving less than the full story (he was also the source for some selectively edited videos which implied that voting-rights group ACORN gave advice on tax evasion). Part of it must be linguistic: breitbart is easier to conjugate and use as a verb than sherrod: Is it sherroded? Or sherrodded? (And where do you put the stress?) But part of it must be because Sherrod is indisputably the victim here, and thus not a suitable source of an active verb.

I don’t know, I think to be “Sherroded” has a certain ring to it. It remains to be seen whether this will officially be the year of “Breitbarting” though thus far all signs appear to point towards yes.

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