Brian Sack And A Puppet Explain Why You Should Stop Calling People You Don’t Like ‘Hitler’

If there’s been one thing that every Mediaite writer since the origin of this website back in 1862 (don’t look it up), it’s that people need to stop calling other people “Hitler.” We’ve written a number of columns about the issue but it seems like, every few months or so, there’s a new rash of Nazi-name calling. Maybe GBTV’s Brian Sack will have better luck in ending Godwin’s Law with this clip from The B.S. of A. Sack’s making the same argument, however, he’s trying one thing we’ve never thought of; puppets.

In the clip, Sack informs his puppet friend Hoodie that he shouldn’t compare anyone to Adolf Hitler on his protest signs. Together they then sing a lovely song entitled “You’re Not Hitler” and teach everyone the valuable lesson that no one, be they George W. Bush, Barack Obama, or Brian Sack’s boss (who’s had his own problems with this concept), are anything like the Nazi leader.

It’s so true. Heck, modern day Nazis are barely like Hitler.

Watch the clip from GBTV below:

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