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Bristol Palin Throws A Tea Party For Harper’s Bazaar

For someone who repeatedly complained about unnecessary media exposure during the 2008 presidential campaign, Bristol Palin seems quite happy to be featured (positively) in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Highlighted prominently on the magazine’s website, “Bristol Palin’s Solo Act” is about the young mother forging her own path and supporting baby Tripp – whom she refers to as her Gerber baby.

Palin points out that two years ago, she thought: “Great, I’m 17 years old, I’m 40 pounds overweight with a big belly on me, all my friends are at school watching this on the news. This kind of sucks.” In the story, she also emphasizes her financial independence, lack of friends and desire to write a book. Definitely not where she pictured herself at 19.

Styleite has several photos and the behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot, which is tea party-themed. Palin is, indeed, throwing a tea party.

Amid the talk of independence and motherhood, Palin does not forget to mention her own mother. Asked whether Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012, Bristol said, “I don’t know if my mom will run, but she should.” She also didn’t miss a chance to express her criticism on the current government: “I think [Obama] is making more Americans become dependent on government, and he’s acting like government can and should take care of everyone.” But Palin herself has no political ambitions. In her own words: “I know I’ll be a hockey mom.”

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